Sunday, June 05, 2005

Julian Robertson Interview CNBC Economic Collapse

Al Martin of has written an article about an interview with Julian Robertson on CNBC on the 24th of May 2004.

Read the full story here: Global Econmic Collapse


Anonymous said...

That article by Al Martin is a bunch of BS. He fabricated virtually everything he attributed to Robertson. The CNBC interview can be found here:

[URL=,,8_0000-w5I7hOX7DWKfJAmLbmDgaEP6D_QMveeR-QPsZS4JeL|3Mz9yMeIghu9Abeo4jF3m1,00.html?mod=ARTICLE_VIDEO]The CNBC interview with Robertson[/URL]

Anonymous said...

Url for the interview:,,8_0000-w5I7hOX7DWKfJAmLbmDgaEP6D_QMveeR-QPsZS4JeL|3Mz9yMeIghu9Abeo4jF3m1,00.html?mod=ARTICLE_VIDEO