Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ten Reasons Why Gold is Going Higher According To JP Morgan

Ten reasons why the gold price is going higher according to JP Morgan:

* Falling supply

* Continuation of strong fabrication demand from India

* China might surprise as the dog chases the rooster away

* The Dollar's godfather has retired after 18 relatively stable years

* When baby boomers cash out, where to invest?

* Inflation-maybe; but currency uncertainty-absolutely

* Gold still at moderate levels vs. the historical real level

* Paper gold gaining popularity globally with ETFs in India

* Gold market remains small vs. other investible assets

* Terrorism: The risk that the unthinkable becomes reality

Source: Ten reasons why gold is going higher Reported on Jim Sinclairs


Anonymous said...

I believe the gold price will reach $1000 / ounce even without another terrorist action. The influence of the price of oil has not even started to filtrate into the market; it's impact on daily living has not yet been seen. The globalist agenda is to invade the middle east which will cause instability world wide. China and India are two major markets increasing their usage of gold. Plus, it is plain to see that the laughable charade of US dollar preeminence is soon coming to an end. The price of gold at the peak in the 1980s would now be equivalent to at least $1500. And on and on.

Anonymous said...

I just started buying gold. A whole 5 frickin ounces. I'm sure now that I've done that it will crap out.

Anonymous said...

This is not about Gold really...the value of the dollar is shrinking and will continue as Obama takes us further in debt and our financial crisis deepens as the govt ads more taxes and fees instead of doing just the opposite of allowing less fees and less taxes which has proven to stimulate the the dollar falls GOLD will continue upward.. amybe 1500 by mid 2010.