Thursday, April 28, 2005

Stock Market Manipulation

As global share markets stand on the edge of the next big stock market crash, examples of stock market manipulation just before the close of trading are becoming increasingly more obvious, not only in the US stock market but around the globe.

From the King Report last night:

"Someone is hell bent on keeping stocks from decline. Again someone
PERSISTENTLY bought S&P 500 futures (from 9:20 to 12:10 CDT) to stem
a decline. Thereafter stocks traded gently lower. Operators and
traders are perplexed by recent action, so they moved to the
sidelines. The stock and economic trend is down, but due to recent
determined stock buying on declines astute traders don’t want to be

The stock market manipulation in the US stock market generally takes the form of a huge spike minutes before the close of trading. The aim of this manipulation is to have the markets close above the previous days close or just a few points below, rather significantly lower where the market was headed during the day.

This stock market manipulation makes for much rosier nightly news reports!

Bill Murphy from says this stock market manipulation is happening at the same time as manipulation in the gold price is taking place. More recently it has been suggested by Bill Murphy that Central Bank gold supplies which have previously been sold off to keep the gold price lower are running out and those rigging the gold price have taken to shorting the gold mining stocks instead in order to keep the gold price down.

Here are some examples of Stock Market Manipulation in the Japanese Stock Market and the Australian Stock Market yesterday:

Evidence of manipulation in the Nikkei was displayed yesterday as it closed just above the important 11,000 level and above its previous days close. With a huge spike minutes before the close of trading

The same pattern of manipulation was observed in the Australian Stock Market with the All Ordinaries spiking just above the previous days close, in the last minutes of the days trading in Australia.

The Dow Jones didn't show the usual pattern of manipulation and fell another 1.26% Although there was a massive volume of shares traded just before the close. Perhaps they tried and failed? Or perhaps they are saving their money for a more important manipulation point, when the Dow Jones goes below 10,000!

Lets see if the Dow Jones goes below 10,000 during the day tomorrow then spikes just above 10,000 in the last few minutes of trading.

As I post this the All Ords is down 0.84% in the first hour of trading!

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