Wednesday, April 27, 2005

US Dollar Forecast

Here is a 10 year chart created by Frank Barbera of of the US dollar Index from 1996 to the present. It includes a forecast for the US Dollar in the next few years.

The US Dollar forecast provided by Frank shows the US dollar dropping below the 0.80 level around August 2005 then dropping below 0.6 around August 2006 and even below 0.6 around August 2007.

Franks US Dollar forecast is consistent with the US Dollar Forecast provided by Bob's Gold Price Column in November last year: "US Dollar Trend Line".

Here is Frank's corresponding gold price forecast for the next few years:

Frank is predicting a run up in the gold price ending around the end of May and the start of June 2005, with a correction in July. He predicts that that correction will end in August when the gold price hits the uptrend line of this gold bull market.

If Frank's gold price forecast is correct, it looks like now until August 2005 is the last chance to buy gold at "cheap!" gold prices before the gold price really starts to take off on its way to $700, $1000, $1600 US and beyond...

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