Friday, June 03, 2005

Global Economic Collapse

Al Martin of has written an article about an interview on CNBC with the renowned funds manager Julian Robertson. Julian Robertson formerly ran Tiger Management, the world's largest hedge fund. Al Martin says the interview took place on the 24th of May 2004.

Al Martin said "‘Never Been Wrong’ Robertson. He has predicted every economic cycle, every debacle, every bull market, and every bear market. Of course, he’s a very old man now. But his reputation on the Street is like nothing you could imagine. When the segment of his interview was through, his comments alone took the Dow Jones down 50 points. Just on his comments alone. That’s how powerful this man’s reputation is."

Al Martin quotes Julian Robertson talking about a coming global economic collapse he predicts.

You can read that article at

We have found an interview from the 24th of May with Julian Robertson
on CNBC which is very different to the one that is quoted on

Watch Julian Robertson Interview on CNBC posted at the Wall Street Journal apparently from the 24th of May

Here is some of what Julian Robertson said in the video :

He said "I am more disturbed than I have ever been in my investment
life about what lies ahead, the American consumer has driven the world
and the American consumer is out of gas and he is also involved in a
housing bubble that puts his very dwelling at risk, and it worries me
about what lies ahead because I don't see any easy way out.

I really don't know. I think that there will be an effort made to inflate
our way out. I think that effort is being made, has been made and
that's why the dollar has weakened so much against other

Perhaps Al Martin watched a different interview?

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Economic Collapse
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Anonymous said...

The incredible distortions by Al Martin of Julian Robertson's comments on his May 24 CNBC appearance appear to have been debunked. See the actual video here [copy and paste the URL](play through the Sun ad, and the relevant comments are about halfway through):,,8_0000-w5I7hOX7DWKfJAmLbmDgaEP6D_QMveeR-QPsZS4JeL|3Mz9yMeIghu9Abeo4jF3m1,00.html?mod=ARTICLE_VIDEO

Anonymous said...

Of course, that would be incredible distortion if that video is the complete interview...

Is it? Can someone else check?
I guess, THEN one can say it is debunked...

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else see the interview live ?

Mojo said...

Jesus Christ, If I just watched the same interview that Al Martin did, he's one hell of a liar.

"...and the fact that more than 1/4 of all consumer spending is now sustained by that bubble, plus the fact that 20 million citizens could lose their homes in a collapse of the speculative bubble in housing, and that the Fed and, indeed, central banks worldwide would act in concert out of desperation to reinflate the global economy in the process, creating an inflationary spiral unheralded in the economic history of the planet."

Julian Robertson NEVER said ANY of the preceding. This appears to be completely the invention of Al Martin.

"In 10 years time, he said, whoever is still alive on the planet will be effectively starting again."

He didn't say this either. Way to put words in his mouth, Al.

Julian Robertson blamed everything on what he calls ´the Bush-Cheney regime´.

He says "they have now consolidated power and money on the planet to the maximum extent possible. The planet´s net liquidity, that is its, net free cash flow. Is now a negative number. The planet is not simply sinking into a sea of red ink; it is already sunk. The people just don´t realize it yet."

Robertson says "the Bush-Cheney regime is preparing the nation for transition from democracy into dictatorship because a dictatorship will be necessary to control, in 5 years´ time, food and water riots."

He said "the federal government, that part of Patriot II Act, the internal exile, that the government is going to have to build now huge detention compounds on federal lands, probably in the West where the land is available, to potentially house 50 million or more citizens that will be in financial ruin."

Julian Robertson went on to say "Food production will fall. Any further effort to control environmental destruction will be abandoned. Inflation will run into the double and eventually triple digits. People will be carrying around U.S. dollars in wheelbarrows like Germany."

Where the fuck did he come up with this stuff? If I were Julian Robertson, I would sue the bejesus out of Al Martin for libel.

Read the rest. More insane fabrications. Remember, just because I don't agree with Bush and friends doesn't mean that I'll buy into whatever crazy theories that I'm presented with.

Anonymous said...

The integrity of a man is how they describe what comes out of their mouths. The hate they have for Bush and Family means degrading their own integrity to lies and deceit. Propaganda in the making, becoming guilty of the same sins they claim others are committing.

Shame of these liars, who place words in the mouth of another.
Put your money ( and the interview) to the test, Liars!!!!

Anonymous said...

When I was handed a copy of Al Martin's article I couldn't believe that CNBC would air an interview that talked about all the topics AL Marin was claiming to be said, so I had to see the interview for myself. I was waiting and waiting for the interview to talk about the topics Al Martin was “quoting” from this interview. Most of what Al Martin talked about was never said in the interview I saw. I guess the question is, is the interview that is provided online the same full interview that was aired by CNBC?

Can someone who watched the interview the day it was aired post on here and tell us if it was the same or not?

I don’t know much about Al Martin but I bet he was one of those people that was screaming “the world is ending the world is ending” back when the “Y2K” scare was going on. Anyone remember what happened? Anyone remember delivery trucks not delivering food to your local grocery store causing a shortage on food due to the computer system failing. Did anyone’s water get shut off because the water company’s computer blew up because it couldn’t understand why it was the year 1900 all of a sudden? I had to laugh when that was going on and you have to laugh when you see crap like this. It pisses me off when people listen to it and believe it because it just doesn’t make sense. If anyone can come up with some supporting evidence that Al Martin was actually quoting everything in that article from Julian Robertson, please post here how I can get my hands on it. I’m an open-minded kind of guy. I know there is corruption in our system. But I would be fed a bunch of crap either. Even if Julian Robertson did say all that stuff (And I’m sure he didn’t) it still doesn’t mean its really going to happen. People need to learn to think for their selves and use some common sense.

tom said...

I watched the interview with Julian Roberts.. the quotes from the WSJ screening is all he said. Nothing about the about Bush. Nothing about everything being done in 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Let's put this to bed already. Al Martin retracted his statements about the Robertson interview and admitted that his piece was highly fabricated. Ron Insana did a follow up July 27 on how the erroneous piece has permeated the internet.